Dobermans originate from the town of Apolda in Germany where they were bred by a local magistrate named Louis Doberman. Amongst his other responsibilities, he was the keeper of the local dog pound. Using the stock he had at his disposal (its ancestors are thought to be the pinscher, Rottweiler, Weimeraner and Manchester terrier), he set out to breed the perfect guard dog to protect him; one that was powerfully built and remarkably strong.

The modern Doberman is a more amiable, less aggressive dog than its forebears. Extremely intelligent and often exuberant, it makes an affectionate and loyal companion. Its reputation as an excellent guard dog still stands, however; it is athletic and courageous, and quick to warn its owner of approaching strangers. This, perhaps, is why they are still perceived as aggressive; despite the fact they are rarely involved in attacks on humans.