The Rhodesian ridgeback hails from Africa, where it was bred to fight and hunt lions. A dog of immense strength, it has very powerful jaws and is afraid of nothing; after all, a dog that was used to hunt lions needed to be fearless.

The ridgeback is a large, reddish-brown dog with a distinctive ridge of raised hair running down its spine. In my experience, this breed is very trainable but of strong character. I have heard reports of clog trainers refusing to train them but for the life of me I don’t know why.

Although ridgebacks can be stubborn and won’t be bullied into anything, with the right technique they can be turned into reliable, trustworthy companions. Like any other clog, their temperament can range from submissive to determined, but in general they are a very strong-willed breed. The case history that follows tells the story of Jontty, a purebred Rhodesian ridgeback and a classic example of the breed.