Rottweiler originally came from Germany. At one point they were known as ‘butcher dogs’, because they were used to drive the cattle to market and then to guard the farmer’s money once the cattle had been sold. The farmers were also known to place a money pouch containing the day’s takings around the dog’s neck, confident that the dog would protect the booty while they enjoyed a well-earned ale with the other cattlemen.

The Rottweiler’s ancestry is not entirely certain, but it is believed to be related to the mastiff. They are a very loyal breed, undeserving of their reputation for aggression. This reputation could be due, in part, to their formidable appearance and the fact that attacks by Rottweiler are usually well documented in the media. I have found them to be slow to anger; they would rather walk away from a confrontation than fight. They make a very trustworthy pet if trained correctly.

Rottweiler are fast becoming one of the world’s most popular clogs, along with. German shepherds and border collies.